Friday, February 20, 2009

The GLOBETROTTER (1st Issue - 2009) - Student Newsletter

THE GLOBETROTTER is a news and current affairs newsletter. The news items and other feature stories are originally investigated, reported, written, edited, and published by students of the Foreign Correspondence class, in conjuction with the Institute for International Journalism at Ohio University. Click here or on the link below to access the newsletter.

International Correspondents & datelines
(Class of 2009)
Jeff Bennett - BRAZIL
Carolin Biebrach - TURKEY
Natalie Cammarata - ITALY
Yilei Cheng - INDIA
Sally Cruikshank - QATAR
Aerin Curtis - ZIMBABWE
Kristin Eckert - BANGLADESH
Cristina Mutchler - COLOMBIA
Ellen Schnier - UGANDA
Celia Shortt - CAMBODIA
Lu Tang - PERU
Michael Barajas - LEBANON
Jacqueline Best - FRANCE
Maria Fisher - KENYA
David Flores - REP. OF GEORGIA
Michael Hess - JORDAN
Natalie Jovonovich - SERBIA-MONTENEGRO
Meghan McNamara - CHILE
Taylor Mirfendereski - IRAN
Emily Mullin - SIERRA LEONE
Veronica Norton - D. R. CONGO
Gregory Stephens - RUSSIA
Halle Tansing - VENEZUELA

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