Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Battle Against World Poverty

Edited by Celia Shortt
Photo by Creative Commons
Change from Within
Change needs to come from within a country. I could report on the problems and expose them to the outside world. Doing this could cause global leaders and other countries to pressure Third World countries to reduce inequalities. This truly can only go so far until the country itself and from within decides it needs to make the change.
- Jacqueline Best

Root of the Issue
Poverty is undoubtably an under covered issue in the media despite its global pervasiveness. It's important to get to the root of the issue. Reporters should seek out the underlying social instability that is fueling the conflict. - Meghan McNamara

Before you can tell other people about the conditions that people in the Third World live, you have to understand them yourself. I would not cover a underrepresented population until I fully had a grasp of their lifestyle and the challenges they are presented with. Spending time with a population to explore their day to day lives is a great way to accurately represent the voices of the people you are covering. - Taylor Mirfendereski

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