Sunday, March 8, 2009

Covering Poverty and Inequality

Edited by Lu Tang

by Jung Lee

Photo courtesy of AANGIRFAN Blog

Firstly, it is journalists’ responsibility to let the underrepresented people to have a voice in the media. I believe that “making comparison and contrast” is one of the powerful techniques when presenting such stories. For example, a story about some poor kids who are having trouble to buy meal plan is pretty eye-catching. But, the story would be better if the life of some private boarding school kids in the same area is presented in the same story.

Secondly, throughout the course, we have discussed a lot of problems that other countries are facing and some issues foreign correspondents are going to deal with in the future. I believe that the media should empower the poor countries with more voices. As for the national interests, I believe that journalists should cover what they consider important; protecting national interests is not a reporter’s job.

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