Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heal the Problem, Not the Symptoms

Edited by Lu Tang
by Carolin Biebrach

Photo by Ruth Fremson/ New York Times

As a foreign correspondent or as a journalist in general, you have the opportunity to report on issues nobody else is reporting on. Exactly with this kind of behavior, you're giving the underrepresented people a voice and accordingly increase the public awareness of problems. So the best way to deal with underrepresented issues is to go out and start talking about it. That is the great chance for collecting valuable stories, but also the responsibility journalists have.

Besides, just like Ellen said, there are always some reasons for a crisis. Rather than focusing on violence and war, find the reasons for that. Try to heal the problem, not the symptoms.

Especially now, when we're dealing with a so-called economic crisis, people are aware of the problems their families could face. Now it is the time to make them aware of the great life they are still living-- that there are people, who fight every day to survive all over the world.

In this class, I learned a lot about the United States and the "rest of the world". In discussions, I got an impression of the "American point of view": how they see themselves, what they are worried about, and how they think of others.

Additionally, mostly through the special reports, I got a sense of the issues other countries are dealing with. It gave me a better understanding of the international issues that journalists have to consider when reporting about other countries.

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