Sunday, March 8, 2009

Important Stories for the World

Edited by Lu Tang
by Celia Shortt

Photo courtesy of Book For Third World

As a future international correspondent, the first way I would help make tangible improvements in the lives of the underrepresented people in whatever area I am in would be to represent that group accurately to my audience. The first step in change is making people aware of what needs to be changed. Audiences may not be aware of issues pertaining to certain groups. Knowing those issues can bring about the change that is needed. I have learned through this class that every person, no matter how poor, no matter the government’s interest or disinterest, has a story to tell. Each of those stories has the power to impact people all over the world. Just because a person or group of people is poor does not mean that what they are going through is not important. International correspondents should not let government’s interest or any other factors of that nature stop them from telling these stories.

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