Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Foreign Correspondents Can Help the War Against Poverty?

Edited by Celia Shortt
Picture by Jonathan McIntosh, Creative Common
Give a Voice to the Voiceless
In Third World countries, people do not have a way to speak. They are powerless. Foreign correspondents can give them a voice to the world.
- Jacqueline Best

In some cases of the work of journalists has generated donations from readers and has inspired campaigns to redress the situation. To me, giving a a voice to the voiceless is one of the primary ethical concerns of journalists. - Meghan McNamara

Reporting is about doing the right thing, being a voice for those who do not have one, and bringing to light the flaws of the government. To accomplish these things, however, reporters have to be extremely cautious and cunning. - Veronica Norton

Accurate Representation and Awareness
As a foreign correspondent, you have an advantage, as you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in one's lifestyle and really observe the conditions in which they live.
- Taylor Mirfendereski

Spreading awareness and giving voices to the voiceless are probably the most important things you can do as a journalist. You create an outlet of communication from that person's life to the outside world. - Emily Mullin

Equip the Global Audience
It is our job to inform people about relevant social issues and allow the audience to make decisions regarding how to improve these problems. - David Flores

International journalists have to tread carefully on topics, but it is important that they stand their ground. There are duties to be fulfilled by these journalists and responsibilities to the global community which produce news that essentially shapes the world in which we live.
- Halle Tansing

We, as foreign correspondents, are not just writing for the American public. We are writing for a global audience. Even if your story does not get published in a large publication, there are hundred of other publications in countries that can make a difference. - Michael Hess

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