Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Highlights of Schidlovsky and Uenuma's Campus Visit

By Taylor Mirfendereski and Alex Moorhead

The IIJ recently hosted two prominent global journalists, John Schidlovsky and Francine Uenuma, at Ohio University. During their time in Athens, Schidlovsky and Uenuma shared with faculty and students their current journalism endeavors and previous international journalism experiences.

Schidlovsky is the director of the International Reporting Project and Uenuma is a multimedia editor for The Washington Post.

IIJ student-ambassadors, Taylor Mirfendereski and Alex Moorhead, present the highlights of the journalists’ campus visit in the following interviews.

Schidlovsky and Uenuma discuss their motive for visiting Ohio University and speak of opportunities for OU students to enter the world of international journalism.

Schidlovsky and Uenuma discuss why journalism students should care about international affairs.

Schidlovsky and Uenuma discuss the role of the International Reporting Project and Ohio University's Institute for International Journalism in promoting international journalism.

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