Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Party with the Taste of Hummus and Falafel

by Mohammed
West Bank

Making friends from 17 countries in two weeks is a great opportunity and a rich experience. The amazing thing in the subject is not only in having them all celebrate my birthday, but also having a nice table of Palestinian food in an Arabian restaurant in Cleveland.

Claudia, one of my colleagues in SUSI project in Ohio University also had a birthday the day before my birthday. It was a great night to celebrate two birthdays and have fun with the rhythm of Arabian music.
Although it’s the second year that I celebrate my birthday out of Palestine, I had a lot of fun and a great experience, giving all of my colleagues a taste of Arabian food specialties; Hummus, Falafel and Kebbi and smoking Argela.

I wish that I can invite all of my colleagues to Palestine as soon as we get our independence and have the right to travel around our cities and towns.

شكرا لكم جميعا أصدقائي

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