Friday, September 24, 2010

Cycling in Athens, Ohio - 10 Reasons

By Claudia Schwarz,
from Austria - Europe
SUSI Scholar, 2010

5 Reasons why you should ride a bicycle in Athens, Ohio:

  1. Hockhocking Adena Bikeway: A most beautiful ride from Athens to Nelsonville along the Hocking River with an amazing scenery and several interesting things to see and explore, e.g. the company town Eclipse (home to Jana's charming Soul Food Cafe), two mobile home parks, Beaumont/Salina (the site of former salt and coal mines), Robins Crossing Living History Site (with students and community members practicing crafts and imitating life in the 1850s), and Rocky Factory Outlet.
  2. It's a very easy and quick way to get around.
  3. Independence (which also means you can go shopping on your own schedule).
  4. Keep in shape or at least get some exercise.
  5. Meet interesting people!

5 Reasons why you should not ride a bike in Athens, Ohio:
  1. The bikeway is great, but most other streets are in a terrible condition and badly damaged, which can be quite ... challenging.
  2. It's dangerous. Car drivers are apparently not really used to bikes on regular streets and may get you into awkward or even dangerous situations (I know, cars are more powerful but all the rules still apply, right? And please, don't keep driving behind me when there is plenty of space to pass safely!).
  3. Hills can be really steep in this area, especially the one to the University Courtyard.
  4. There is limited space in your backpack to carry home shopping items.
  5. It makes you want to get a car (or motorbike) for your next excursion.

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