Saturday, July 17, 2010

Think Twice--or a Million Times Before Using the Washing Machine!!!

by Mohammed Abualrob

If you don’t want to lose your expensive clothes... learn the lesson from those who lost

First: don’t trust the technology.

Second: don’t start washing your expensive clothes, wash the underwear first, and then see if it’s ok.

Third: don’t use the washing soup before you put the water.
Fourth: if you missed the lesson and lost your expensive clothes, don't tell anybody, no blogging or tweeting!

Finally, if you missed the lesson again... (I'm sure you will miss it sometime) don't be shy to wear your clothes, and if somebody asks you, don't explain what happened, just say, "it's a new fashion".

See you guys in the next lesson.
إلى اللقاء في الحلقة القادمة

A Post Script from someone who heard the whole story--it wasn't the washing machine that was the problem, it was the bleach that a previous tenant left behind in the apartment. It didn't mix well with the colors of Mohammed's clothing!


Haneen Taha said...

hahahahaha very strong and funny

rita hass said...

Hahahah educational (Y)