Monday, July 5, 2010

Traditional vs. Citizen Journalism: Is the Audience Aware?

by Manuel Ayala

Today at SUSI 2010 we discussed citizen journalism and traditional journalism, and we had an interesting lecture with Professor Hans Meyer.
We talked about many topics including the basic definitions of who are the citizens, what is journalism, and can the citizens be journalists? We also heard more complex ideas from the book, "The Elements of Journalism" (Kovach & Rosentiel).

After a rich discussion with all the participants of the group and faculty, I ended with a concern: what about the people? What about the audience? Are they aware that there are "two kinds" of journalism? Do they notice differences when they read an opinion article in a major newspaper and when they read a fact that is reported by a "normal" citizen in a community news blog? Can traditional and citizen journalism get along?

I think these are interesting questions to answer...definitively we, as a professionals on this discipline, have many ideas to say and share about it.

Check this link, I found it interesting and may clarify this topic to the audience.

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