Wednesday, August 4, 2010

See you again Athens

By Julien Mahoro Niyingabira


It is a windy and rainy morning in Athens, Ohio and through the window from my appartment room at the University Courtyard I can watch the greyness of this strange sky. It has not looked like this before, since I am here. This is a different day. This is a day I have to spend on highway and ride away from this town I loved.

I want to go to "Detangles hair and nails care" to say goodbye to that lady who cut so professionally my hair and tell her that I won't come back shortly. When I stepped in few days ago, she was the first I saw and she smiled to me. I felt I was in the right place. We chatted (sometimes looking each other in the face through the mirror) as she cut my hair. She is a pride of Athens in customer care.

I wish I could go to "Chipottle", that Mexican rstaurant to thank those cool guys in dark green T-shirts who most of the times have made me smile by packing for me a beautiful chicken burritto. "some beans?... some vegetables?..." Their burrittos have made me fall in love with Athens.

I wish I could just jump to that newly constructed circle, to say goodbye to those road constructers who have always told me "Hi, how are you doing?" and added "Have a great day". I have understood more what "the home of the brave" means through these small gests. Just as small as people who stop their car to let pedestrian cross the road while they had priority to continue driving.
I want to stand on the top of any longest thing in Athens and scream "THANK YOU" to everyone.
Now I'm going, miles and miles away from you but I'm convinced I will see you again Athens. Your lovely being has been a very nice experience for me and I will remember you!

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