Friday, October 1, 2010

SGMD Kicks Off Exciting Activities this Fall Qtr

By Amber Skorpenske
IIJ Ambassador

Students for Global Media and Diversity (SGMD) has had a great start this year. SGMD executives are planning to host several speakers to give some practical information and advice to the members as well as engage in activities as a group outside of formal meetings.

In last week's meeting (9/30/10), students from the Global Leadership Center gave a presentation entitled "Media in Vietnam and the Vietnam War" They discussed differences in media coverage in the U.S versus media in Vietnam, the struggles journalists faced during the war and the ongoing development in trying to make Vietnam a more "media friendly" outlet.

Afterwards, Molly Micheels, Program Coordinator at the Office of Education Abroad, discussed communications/journalism internships as well as volunteer opportunities overseas. She covered every aspect from internship costs, location, and living accommodations to academic credit, scholarship funding and general benefits.

A study abroad experience is an integral part a resume for all aspiring international journalists. SGMD members who turned up for the meeting were impressed and interested. Micheels also reminded students to attend the Study Abroad Fair October 11 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Baker Ballroom for more in depth information on specific programs.

SGMD members plan to attend the International Dinner on October 9 as a group to sample food from many different countries as well as to bond as an organization. SGMD meetings are every Thursday from 6-7 in the Sing Tao Center, Room 101.

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