Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fortitude to Preserve International Journalism

By Amber Skorpenske
IIJ Ambassador

The Executive Director of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Jon Sawyer’s visit was well received by Ohio University students. Sawyer interacted with students and faculty from October 21 to 22, 2010. Although this was a short visit, Sawyer managed to speak to about 300 students. He shared his resilience to make known untold international news.

Sawyer gave a resounding lecture to the freshman journalism class and graduate students in Walter Hall. Students who attended this lecture were thrilled to be the first audience to hear his projects and experience in international reporting. He talked about the importance of reporting on a variety of global issues. Students asked questions and were given the opportunity to interact with Mr. Sawyer. Some students asked for his contact information with a hope of pursuing internships with the Pulitzer Center later on in their academic career.

He had lunch with journalism faculty and later that afternoon spoke to Broadcast journalism seniors. He discussed the changing landscape of global media and its challenges to journalists. Students got a more intimate presentation, which facilitated a lot of discussion.

Sawyer was the keynote speaker at the Students for Global Media and Diversity (SGMD) weekly meeting at 6pm. SGMD opened up the forum as a public lecture for all students in the Scripps College of Communication. International students were well represented as well as many professors from across the college.

The Institute for International Journalism and SGMD hosted Sawyer to a farewell dinner at Salaam restaurant with a group of students who are pursuing future careers in international journalism. SGMD officers, journalism students and Graduate students of Scripps had a laid back atmosphere at a personal level with Mr. Sawyer during this Q & A dinner. He was also extensively interviewed by our students taking Dr. Bob Stewart’s Journalism 101 class.

Sawyer participated in many discussions with students, networking with faculty, and even gave interviews to several student-run publications. The IIJ would like to thank everyone who came out to participate in this event and hopes to bring another captivating speaker in the next quarter.

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