Saturday, July 30, 2011

Random Thoughts from My CNN Experience!

By Dr. Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu

The visit to CNN was one of the major high points of the cultural and media tours for me during this summer program. Apart from the classy nature of Atlanta, Georgia, CNN is truly a bride to behold.

Coming out of that study tour and the interactions that followed, I feel obligated to share these thoughts with you:
  1. CNN does not own any satellites. The company rents space on satellites because it is cheaper to do so! Considering this, it has done well meeting the news needs of its numerous audiences.
  2. At CNN currently, it is no longer about being FIRST but being ACCURATE. I was really impressed about this vital shift in operational focus!
  3. The accusation leveled against CNN that it is the mouthpiece of the American Government or that it is sympathetic to the American cause is just perspective. I honestly think it depends on who is analyzing the issues.
  4. The coverage of Africa on CNN has improved drastically. There are currently high definition programs like Inside Africa and African Voices that specifically focus on other areas of Africa other than news, which most of the time may be negative.
  5. On a lighter note, no one in CNN knows the number of TV monitors/screens at the Atlanta Head Office! I could not count but from visual impressions, we could start from 10,000! That is an idea about the hugeness and operational size of the Atlanta Head Office.
Again, I sincerely want to thank the State Department in Washington and the Administrators of this year's SUSI program under the Directorship of Professor Yusuf Kalyango for including such an important place in our media itinerary. I am completely impressed. We have visited community media firms, national media firms and now CNN, which is a recognized and reputable global brand. What more can we ask from SUSI? In fact, I am now tempted to regard myself as not just a Professor of International Communication but a Professor of American Media Systems!!!

Thank you SUSI 2011,
Dr. Nnamdi Ekeanyanwu
SUSI Scholar for 2011
Representing Covenant University and Nigeria.

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