Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random thoughts from My SUSI Interactive Sessions Tuesday

By Dr. Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu

Do media set agenda or do they build agenda? In other words, is news a reflection of people's sense of what has happened around them?

The so-called battle between Libertarianism and Social Responsibility is more philosophical than practical. For me, Libertarianism is what it should be and Social Responsibility is what we can have. Any freedom that is executed outside of any obligation or responsibility to society or even to an individual is not fit for human experience. Libertarianism is idealistic while Social Responsibility is pragmatic.

American freedom is based on the idea of tolerating what people hates.

  • The United States Constitution is built on the platform of mistrust. Because we don't trust ourselves and our government, let us make this written document to guide us.

  • The CNN Effect is a myth.

  • News is a cultural construct.

  • Objectivity is not practicable in journalism; and transparency should replace it as one of the elements of journalism.

  • The basic foundation of American Culture is built on discord and harmony; contradictions and consistencies; conflict and consensus.

  • Criticizing our government, having a dissenting voice just to enrich the conversation and disagreeing with the system are indicators of patriotism.

  • I came up these ideas from my little jotter in the SUSI seminar sessions on "Ethics of Journalism in U.S.,"" The Role of the News Media in a Democracy," etc. What a revealing session for me!

    SUSI is turning out to be one of the best things that is happening to me and my career in this century.

    Dr. Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu
    Director, International Office and Linkages
    Covenant University, NIGERIA.
    SUSI SCHOLAR 2011.

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