Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SUSI 2011: Academic Explosion!

By Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu

The SUSI 2011 program has turned out to be an academic explosion for me. I'm being exposed to research resources and pedagogical issues from a different perspective. I'm also getting the opportunities to collaborate with international scholars from more than 17 countries of the world, United States inclusive!! This is an amazing international academic exposure for me. And given that the whole exposure is fully paid by the U.S. government, it makes this experience a great opportunity for me to leave the U.S. with a new understanding of the true meaning of America.

I have been fascinated about the U.S., and now this close look at U.S. through SUSI program has even made me more loyal and addicted to the ideas this great nation and its people stand for. I do not regret being a Nigerian scholar but I believe that I would have been a better scholar if I had the access to the resources in terms of quality and quantity available to the American Scholars. I'm really grateful to God for making me a SUSI Scholar.

Dr. Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu, Director International Office and Linkages, Covenant University and SUSI 2011 Scholar.

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