Tuesday, December 27, 2011


By Chelsea Molder
In Lusaka, Zambia

During our time in Zambia we tweeted and shared our experiences we had. One trend that we are are starting is #zambiaproblems. For example Lindsay Boyle tweeted "My lion scratch hurts #zambiaproblems". This is not a problem to local Zambians as visitors but as new comers to the country, we found many things that differed from our everyday life back in the United States. Most of our “Zambia problems” are not real concerns or problems of the country but things as Americans we find different or troubling to us.

One of my #zambiaproblems was that everything and everyone is much slower or at a slower pace. We joked around and said we are on Zambian time, which is when you are running late you can just blame it on Zambian time. Everything was slower than we were used to in the United States.

But on a serious note, there are real problems that I noticed. One of the biggest for me was the amount of garbage and lack of disposal cans. I can understand how in some underdeveloped places and compounds they do not have the resources to properly dispose of the waste but even at nice public places and areas you will not find a place to put garbage.

Many of our “zambia problems” seemed crazy to the locals and were probably cultural differences or the way things are in Zambia. I am sure if they came to the United States they would find many “U.S. problems”.

Chelsea Molder is one of 18 Ohio University students studying abroad in Zambia with the Institute for International Journalism over Winter intercession.

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