Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Got inspired and made "a baby institute" ready :)

Last summer was amazing: 6 weeks in Institute for International Journalism, with SUSI program. We all had an exercise to do: my goal was a strategy for my new Communication Institute at Tallinn University (Estonia). In the beginning I had only dream... But quite quickly I got inspired, because I met my teachers at Ohio University and they succeeded to motivate me.
And now I face results:
I really did a new institution for communication studies in Estonia. Final piece - BA curriculum in (international) journalism studies (study is possible in Estonian, Russian and English) got an acceptance from university senate on Monday this week.
Now it's done. You can study advertising, public relations, journalism at BA level, and advertising, communication management (specialization to intercultural communication and political communication) at MA level. Also PhD in information and communication sciences will be open since fall semester 2012. And this all in 3 languages: Estonian, Russian and English.
Special thanks to Bob, of course. And you can send your friends, who would like to get EU university degree, face an adventure in North-East Europe and who are just interested about good and not expensive education in English to Tallinn University Institute of Communication :)
You can find us also in FB.
See you in Tallinn, SOON!

P.S Enjoy my visual SUSI memories, too!