Friday, July 20, 2012

First impressions

Hello everyone! I’m Alexander Kazakov, 2012 SUSI scholar from Russia.
In my home country I’m an Associate Professor of Political Science Department, Saratov State University. But here, in the United States, I’m just an “observer”. I’m privileged to observe how life can be organized in a different way. Different from what I got used to.
Needless to say that very often my systematic observations seem to be very surprising and fascinating. From weather and food to the extent of American social and cultural diversity. Every day I get to know something new and unusual. I’m always ready to see/hear/taste/witness something I’ve never seen/heard/tried before. It’s very amazing!
The 3rd week of our program has started today. And I have only positive impressions so far – be it educational or cultural parts of SUSI. Further than that, the more I stay here the more I like it. And hope that this feeling is to be continued. I almost have no doubts about it.  

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