Thursday, August 2, 2012

Amish: Simple life in modern country

By: Dr. Ibaa Awad

Amish are just people like you and others. They live as any humans live and do whatever they like to do while looking after their families. Their life, whatever it is, is full of brightness and gloominess. They live behind the scenes in a world of seriousness and obedience to their religious believes. They resisted the reforms which were created by Martin Luther and his followers in Europe.

They are known as Amish and Mennonites, named after their leader, Menno Simons.

Amish refuse child baptism, however they believe in adult baptism. They also believe that God called his followers to isolate themselves from the surrounding world in order to secure their life from materialistic desires and stick to nature by leading a simple life style. Thus they use buggies in their transportation, away from all signs of modernization and new technology which make people’s lives easier than in the past.

Some SUSI colleagues try out an Amish buggy.

Amish people think that higher education is not a necessity in their life. Their children go to until the eighth grade. Most of the Amish prefer to send their children to parochial schools which are specially designed for them.

Who could believe that such people live in the United States and still stick to an ancient lifestyle? We believe that because we met them. Their younger generations still stick to their traditions and they are still upbringing their future generations on the current beliefs.

Some people love to live in this simple life away from the complications of technology, while others can’t imagine such life. However, we are obliged to respect their beliefs for what they are.

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Aazadi Fateh said...

I agree with you Ibaa, Amish country is a little heaven on earth. I admire their effort, in this highly modern and global world , in USA they maintain to live in natural ways and resisting technology, change or artificiality, is beyond imagination. I want to visit that beautiful place again :) !!