Monday, February 25, 2013

SUSI 2012 Update

Morgan Sigrist
IIJ Assistant

Aysha Abughazzi, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan
Doctor Abughazzi returned to her position as assistant professor at Jordan University of Science & Technology in Jordan, where she enjoys using the skills she acquired at SUSI with her work. Dr. Abughazzi has enhanced her curriculum by incorporating social media and field trips as a way to “involve students more closely with the material they learn and have them interact with the various outlets of the media.”

Karlyga Myssayeva, Al- Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan 
Professor Myssayeva returned to her position as Deputy Dean for Research-Innovation and International Affairs, Department of Journalism at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Kazakhstan. Professor Myssayeva has enhanced her teaching and research by promoting interaction between herself and her students.

The SUSI program has helped Professor Myssayeva to “realize (her) potential,” through the training, cultural interactions and support of SUSI professors. Not only has the information gained from the other members expanded her cultural experience, but it has also allowed her to share these experiences with her students.

Social media has played a major role in helping to connect with other professionals in her field to share with the students and colleagues. This has helped to increase the critical thinking and interactions with people from around the world.

Alexander Kazakov, Saratov State University, Russia
            Doctor Alexander Kazakov returned to his position as Associate Professor in Political Science Department at Saratov State University. Since leaving SUSI, Dr. Kazakov has brought more interactive material into his teaching and seminars. He has been working on projects such as Dr. Yusuf Kalyango’s Handbook of Global Journalism and New Media Education, and co writing with Bill Benoit.

Bogdana Nosova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
Professor Bogdana Nosova returned to her position as Assistant Professor of the Chair of Social Communications in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Her second position remains as Anchorwoman and Special Correspondent for State Broadcasting Company “Ukrainian Television and Radio World Service."
            The opportunities at Ohio University helped Professor Nosova to strengthen her knowledge of journalism and how media works in the US. The online content offered through the SUSI program has also helped Professor Nosovo to further her research.

 Hugo Zarate Saucedo, University of the Bahamas, Bahamas
            Professor Hugo Saucedo has begun a new project to develop a journalism institute in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Professor Saucedo is also working in conjunction with other SUSI scholars to conduct training in their countries. He is also currently working on community journalism.

Rachael van der Kooye, Freelance Journalist, Suriname
            Professor Rachael van der Kooye has made some changes including doing online lecturing, writing a chapter for Dr. Kalyango’s book, media policy research and giving lectures. Professor Van der Kooye has also shared her SUSI experiences via the radio, television and newspaper since returning to Suriname.
            Professor Van der Kooye has used her experiences at SUSI to analyze her surveys, and materials obtained at Ohio University to enhance her teaching techniques. Professor van der Kooye enjoys sharing her SUSI experiences with everyone she works with.

Taimoor Shah, New York Times reporter Kandahar, Afghanistan
           Taimoor Shah is a reporter for New York Times in southern Afghanistan, where he works on he investigative reporting skills. Shah covers news from the front lines of the war and works as an interpreter for the New York Times. He is currently at the center of Taliban activity.

            Shah has also been able to bring the tools he learned at SUSI back to his colleagues. He has been teaching his colleagues the reporting techniques he learned here at Ohio University, where he has seen much improvement in their work. Shah has also worked to create a journalism faculty at Kandahar University. The books and information he obtained from Ohio University will used as material for the students and faculty.

Murad Abdullah, Sana’a University, Yemen

            Doctor Murad Abdullah has been appointed to position head of the youth activities in the college, which deals with the academic and nonacademic activities of the students.

           Dr. Abdullah has been nominated to represent independent youth in a political debate to discuss the political status of Yemen, but is awaiting word for the final decision of if he is chosen.  If Dr. Abdullah is chosen, he will be one of 550 people to represent different political and civil movements, along with the youth and organizations. This would be a great advancement in Dr. Abdullah’s career.

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