Saturday, July 13, 2013

Woodhull and strong women

A couple of days ago on my firs trip to Alden Library at OU I was taken on a tour of the extensive collection of books and journals and services to help students gain knowledge. We were taken to seven floors of wealth. Alden Library to me was akin to a child at Disneyland. But the one thing that struck me the most was the little newspaper article I found on exhibit which depicted a woman being nominated to run for president in 1872. It was quoted that Victoria Woodhull was loud with her doctrines and ideologies on free love and the suffrage movement.

Which brings me to present times. Many women in many countries are tied to tradition and culture to the point of becoming slaves to the conformities of society. They are blamed for the misconducts of society and in some societies are tortured for their forwardness and perseverance and yet Victoria was nominated for presidency some 140 years ago.

The voice of the woman today may be heard as a whisper in some communities where before they were never heard of and in some communities women are given a larger right to express herself and she is able to scream her lungs out.

Strong women are made, born or nurtured. They are opinionated and yet sometimes may be considered bossy, she may enjoy life and yet sometimes be considered a woman of lesser morals, she may be confident and yet may sometimes be considered a snob.
If I was able to shout out loud for everyone to hear me id like to know one thing. What do you want from me (woman)?

In 2 weeks I have met some pretty amazing women. They have portrayed courage, a sense of independence and yet kept the sisterhood. We all have come from different countries and communities which may be very different and difficult, but I have realized that we share the same problems and complaints and we have the same routine. Maybe this is what is known as sisterhood and this would definitely make Victoria Woodhull proud. She may not have been president but she would be proud.

(Top: Victoria Woodhull who was nominated to be president; Bottom: The seven SUSI Scholars and me at the public square, Nelsonville) 

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