Friday, July 12, 2013

Colour, Tolerence and United Nations

by Sharon Wilson (Malaysia)   

People take pictures. Cliché pictures, posed pictures. Then there are candid pictures. But not many pictures are great pictures. This picture is a great way to depict happy. Especially since these are scholars from all around the world having being chosen from their home countries for the SUSI Program for visiting scholars.

What does this mean? The picture is a fascinating image of colour and camaraderie. Colour not just from the many fascinating outfits but colour in terms of characteristics, personality, behaviours. Apart from the United Nations how many official meetings in the world gets individuals from 17 countries including the United States in one room without the element of arguments or conflict?

Here is a group of scholars with great experience in teaching, research and work behind them grouping in one of the largest powerful countries in the world tolerating each other’s idiosyncrasies and differences to be at peace in one common arena and one common focus. So maybe at some point United Nations should see us and see how we are able to work together and appreciate tolerance.
 (Thanks Rob)

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