Monday, July 8, 2013

Kravitz, running and being a student

by Sharon Wilson, Malaysia

When Lenny Kravitz started singing American Woman, I started running. From the University Courtyard at Richland Avenue to Ohio University Park. It has been a hard day. A long day. A fruitful and productive day. And after a after a couple of days of rain, the sun was out and it was truly a beautiful day. The rabbits had come out to play and just outside my window a deer had wandered alone probably enjoying a little bit of sunshine and some alone time as well.

Its interesting to run in such a beautiful park with a lush canopy of trees and a stream passing through (maybe a river maybe a canal - i'm not sure). The air is fresh and the students are out as well enjoying their summer going for a bike ride, a walk or just - running.

As Lenny sang about how colored lights can hypnotize, I realized I am too hypnotized by the reality of the fact that I am in the United States and I am akin to a student again. After some 15 years of leaving 'studenthood', its as though  I had been given a chance card and the chance card reads " jump two places to student'.

In 6 weeks I can catch up on lost time. If I was Julie Andrews i'd be on top of a hill singing "The hills are alive to the sound of music" but i'm not and so I have to run.


But in all seriousness, the idea that I could go to classes again, eat lunch at the cafeteria, look as lost as freshmen students, enjoying the company of room mates and classmates without the worry (for the moment) of paying the bills, doing heaps of laundry, preparing for dinner or marking assignments is a breath of fresh air. And I believe it is a time of rejuvenation before heading home after the SUSI program. And as Lenny sings the last line of his song saying he's gotta go, at the moment i'm not going anywhere. I'm going to savour every minute and second of my time as a student albeit the running and the creaky knees.

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