Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lazy Hazy Sunday

by Sharon Wilson, Malaysia

Its day 3 of the SUSI Programme. Its a Sunday and everyone is relaxed and taking it easy. Nothing much was happening except for that light drizzle in the morning - so mild it felt like someone switched on a faulty sprinkler system and forgot to turn it off.

The morning trip to Walmart seemed quite relaxed and less stressful - possibly because this was our second trip and we were familiar with the lay of the land. But I believe in the back of everyone's , minds we knew it was one of the few Sundays we got off as the real work would begin on Monday with discussions, presentations, discussions and more presentations. Maybe next weekend we could all go watch a movie I heard myself tell another scholar but who am I kidding? There was already a reading list waiting for me.

Reading list and presentations aside, today was an unusually long day. Not because I had nothing to do - yet..but daylight seemed very long. It was my first experience where at 8pm, the sun was still out looking cheery and bright. Back home in Malaysia, 8pm is dark and everyone is having dinner. It was amazing because I could feel my body shutting down for sleep. It seemed like an illusion of the eye but that is life and that is how I ended up typing on the blog and dozing off on the computer doing just that.

Photo: 8pm from University Courtyard room

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