Saturday, July 20, 2013

SUSI- connects people

By Seymur Kazimov (2013 SUSI scholar from Azerbaijan)

I will never forget my second visit to the USA. I met people from different nationalities I have never seen before. They are from Ecuador, Chile, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Mozambique. I have travelled a lot. It is possible I have met people from these countries in airports during check in, waiting for luggage, or in foreign cities. Who knows, perhaps not. SUSI created for me an opportunity to see them, even to make friends with them. Of course, I am watching TV, and I have access to Internet, too. 

Nowadays, it is very easy to get all the information you need from the Internet. It is enough just to “google” the name of each country and read huge amounts of materials. I am a journalist and always looking for preliminary sources. For me, all of the SUSI scholars are the first source about their countries.

Now I know about their countries, traditions, and current situations in the media, politics, and economics. Different countries, different culture, religion, lifestyle. Everything is different. But these factors do not disturb me or prevent me from making friends with them. We are all human beings.

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