Saturday, August 3, 2013

Every Coin has two sides by Shabnam Azim (Bangladesh)

SUSI is a platform from where we can exchange our knowledge, idea and culture .But suddenly SUSI became a magic mirror to me, by which one can see the true picture, facts behind the scene and the reflection of cruel realism.

16 St. Mission , San Francisco, is a journey of discover to a different America and i found my perception about United States lifestyle, law and order situation , manners and norms of civilization as not right. This is not only the land of peace and prosperity but also the land of instability and unrest also.
In that area I found lots of people who were homeless. In a trolley they put their everything and stayed beside the road or compound of the rail station. Their frustration about their lives were very clear on their faces. In dirty clothes and disgusting moods the people  seem to be in delirium.

At that place we (me, Sharon and Anand) met an architect (Janet Chapman) , who was very nice to us and suggested us to be careful. She made us aware that the area was not good, especially for foreigners and said “hide everything which is expensive and hold the bag carefully.” This made us really scared.

But that was not the end. Something more scaring was waiting for me. I went to a McDonald's restaurant to have some ice-cream. There I went to the ladies restroom and found a different culture.  A lady and a man were in one toilet and they were in a very compromising position. That time I just thought ,” Where am I? Is it called free society? Is it called civilized people?” this incident was really shocking for me.
That time I realized that every society has some problem.  In every country some people live under the poverty line and some are uncivilized and sometimes involve with crime.

Thank you SUSI for opening my eyes and make me realize the color of life and the frame of the culture in a true sense. And it proved again, every coin has two sides.   

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