Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For the love of dogs

Living in the US for the past one month has made me realise just how much love a human being can have for one animal – a dog!!! Almost every person I have encountered during my stay (and I certainly have met lots of people) has told me about their dog (or dogs). Even in the instances where a person did not have a dog, the conversation somehow and somewhere along the line drifted to dog talk.

I heard how cute, loving and loyal dogs are such that some people prefer having a dog to a child (some say a child is not only too demanding but expensive to maintain). I also learnt, albeit shockingly, just how profound the love for dogs is for some Americans when one guy at our apartment accosted a colleague and I for talking in the hallway. He said we were disturbing his dogs which were trying to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was amazed that employees at Google are allowed to bring their dogs along to work every day and that an editor at the Call and Post newspaper also reports for work with her dog each day of the month.
                         Astro's owner takes him to the office everyday

I’m personally not a dog lover, having been bitten by two in my late childhood. Every time I see a dog, particularly the bigger ones, I cringe and think about the evening when two canines sunk their teeth into my leg and butt. I remember vividly how one evening, as my sister and I happily chatted away while walking a few feet ahead of my aunt who was taking a stroll with her boyfriend, a gate opened and two dogs came rushing out and charged at us. Instinctively, we ran, which I have now learned from the dog lovers, was the mistake we made. My sister was lucky and got away but I fell into a ditch and the dogs had a go at me.
The fact that I had to endure 14 injections on my already sore behind, courtesy of the dog bites, took away any love I may have had for dogs. From that time I have steered clear of dogs and certainly don’t see them as man’s best friend as most people I have met in the US do. I must admit that while all the talk about dogs has been great, it has not softened my heart at all. I am certainly no dog lover.
Carole Phiri-Chibbonta

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