Monday, August 5, 2013

Friendship forever? Or when it is too hard to say “good bye”.

Leaving my new family in US from 15 different countries, I haven’t managed to tell them how much I will miss them all, and how much I love them. I was asked to tell something before my long trip home, but couldn’t tell a word as the feelings were so strong and disappointment was so painful. I have never known that in a month you can really make friends and start trust and love people. 

Sitting in the plane, I started to think that we usually give people our lives and we trust them easily, but when it comes to real feelings we always turn on the logic. Why sitting in the plane, we easily give a pilot a chance to control our lives, we trust him and never doubt his capability to save our lives. Why we easily trust people in a restaurant giving us food, a doctor treating us? BUT we usually doubt people’s capability to love you and miss you after several weeks of real friendship, collaboration, sharing rooms, food, discussions, dreams and home and family melancholy?

We usually say that several weeks is not enough to learn each other and a tiny period to love and miss each other. But the life shows that friends you made in several weeks became the friends for life very often. 

I was blessed and fortunate so much that I met my new SUSI family members. Yes, all of them are very smart and intelligent but most important is that all of them have a big heart and clean soul. 

I learnt to be patient from my friend from Zambia, 
to be sincere from my friend from Honduras, 
to be musical from my Bangladeshi friend, 
to be thoughtful from my friend from Equator, 
to be responsive and helpful from my friend from Chili, 
to be discreet and sensible from my friend from Zimbabwe,
to be open as my friend from Mozambique,
to be generous as my friend from Lebanon,
to be gentle as my friend from Ukraine,
to be trustful as my Mongolian sister,
to be comical as my Nepali friend,
to be kind as my friend from Romania,
to be philosophic like my Indian friend,
to be delicate as my friend from Malaysia,
to be emotional as my friend from Azerbaijan.

I learnt a lot of life lessons. And if my philosophy about leadership is right, then you all, my friends, are true leaders as you all are good people.

I know the moment you go home will be not so happy, as you feel now. The moment you will say “good bye” each other will be difficult. You know that you will meet your family in the couple of weeks but you are not sure when the life will gather together all of us again. BUT IT WILL!

P.S Hope you learnt from me to be optimistic! Love you, all, my SUSI friends!


sharon wilson said...

A beautiful piece. You have touched my heart with this and my eye wells with tears

sharon wilson said...

Beautiful piece.touched my heart and tears in my eyes

gunjidmaa gongor said...

I gonna to cry :(
Love my friend :)

Beatriz Lovo Reichmann said...

Crying AGAIN... I miss you so much. From you I learned to be open, straight-forward, and plain happy. I miss your laughter, your insight and your spunk.

Gulnura Toralieva said...

My dearest friends, don't be disappointed, just use every moment to be together. I really miss you!