Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'll watch your back.

By Sharon Wilson ( Malaysia)

It's the last hotel and the last days of the SUSI programme. Im feeling a little melancholic and i have an unusual feeling of loss. Why so? because for the past six weeks ive had experience living with different roommates, had dinner with almost everyone ( because as a Malaysian, food always brought people together and the breaking of bread is an important element in creating a bond), shot pool with some and shared some deep 3am chats with others.Some I can share on this blog others i will take to grave.

Everyone with a different disposition. Some happy and cheery others quiet and contemplative with some snoring thrown in. No matter what the situation, it was always the need to tolerate and to take some time to understand and learn about the other person.

Over the past six weeks I have learnt to appreciate the different cultures, laughed at the crazy antics of some and given my shoulder to a couple of heavy burdens. It's impossible to learn about a person in six weeks they say but when you live 44 days and an average of eight hours a day with 15 people, you start seeing the real person. After a while, when everything is stripped off, you see the true self of the person and you either appreciate them or you don't. Because of the lack of a constant 'variable' in  ones life, you form a new 'variable'. A support group of some kind.

And throughout this,that support group becomes a part of routine and eventually an extended family.people whom you can count on and trust...goodbye my friends.my family.you accepted me and made me a better person and a blessing to me. Terima kasih sehingga jumpa lagi ( thank you, till we meet again).

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