Saturday, August 3, 2013

Science of Universal and Scholastic Initiative (SUSI) by Shabnam Azmi (Bangladesh)

I Shabnam , from a country where everything is not such big as America. I am an assistant professor of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our University called Oxford of the East and our central library is one of the biggest libraries in the south Asia. Now the DU central library has over six lac eighty thousand books and journals and around thirty thousand rare manuscripts. It is really very rich in terms of its resources.

But, the Alden library of Ohio University, Athens make me surprised. When I entered in the library for the first time , it was just “amazing” for see their technological advancement I become speechless and when I started searching for the relevant documents for my research, I found a totally new, rich and vast world which is really unbelievable for me.

That time I was so happy, that I am so fortunate to be here and at the same time felt unhappy for my country, my nation and obviously for my students. Our people are very sharp and intelligent but they do not have the modern facilities. Sometimes they   have to read the book , which is destroyed by weevil. Even in my countries we have some meritorious students who  never watch television because there is no electricity or they do not have the capacity to buy a TV set. So to have an own computer and to have internet access for 24 hours is just a dream for most of the students.

By the way, I am thankful to SUSI to make me so fortunate. I will try my level best to gather knowledge and to enrich myself  to serve my nation. And I am grateful to SUSI, that SUSI gives us the chance to use their library resources  for two years from my home country. For me SUSI is not only the program of “Study of United States Institute” but also it is :

“S- Science of
U- Universal and
S- Scholastic

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