Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"See you" to 15 countries and "I have a dream"

By Seymur Kazimov (Azerbaijan)

I am not Martin Luther King, Jr. But I have a dream. I will back to my dream later.
I am 29. I know, it is not a big life experience, there are some professors, they work experience more than my life age. But my short 29 years full of with contrasts. I was citizen of the most biggest country of the world-USSR, and everybody knew this country. Now, I am citizen one of the most smallest country in the world-Azerbaijan, and not all people know about it. It is my first contrast.
Azerbaijan is an oil and gas country, and this word means the "Land of fire". The capital of my motherland is Baku, and it means, "windy city". As you see, fire and wind, contradict each other... it is my second contrast.
In my county teacher the most respectable profession. When we are talking about teacher, it means we are talking about God. But  unprofessional behavior of some teachers disrepute to the professional. At the same time salary of this profession doesn't reflect respect ness.  It is third contrast.
I can prolong this list, but do not want to annoy you, but I am going to share my last contrast. I have travelled a lot, perhaps 15 countries, but I have never had 15 foreign friends..... now I have, and I am very proud of it. Hope, you are also consider me as your part.
I do not like to give or write sensitive speeches, make tears, whatever. I have a dream, I want you all be happy, because I am very happy, when you are all happy. Life is a strange, 3 months ago I did not know that I would come to US and met you, so, everything is possible.
abar dekha hobe, Shabnam,
milte hain, Anand,
nos vemos, Beatriz,
illa likaa, Sleiman,
nos vemos, Fernando,
nos vemos, Consuelo,
daara uulzaya, Gunjidmaa,
ate logo, Egidio,
sehingga kita jumpa lagi, Sharon,
tizaonana, Carol,
per curan, Antonio,
do pobachennya, Yuriy,
feri vetaula, Eak,
korushobuz, Gulnura,
sizabonana, Sibongile.

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