Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How the Situation in Ukraine May Impact Kazakhstan

by: Aqnyet Tolendi
KazNU student, in Almaty Kazakhstan

At present the whole world discusses Ukraine. Each message about "Maidan" extends worldwide. The European Union and the CIS countries think of the future of this country. Because a challenges or progress of one country impacts other countries. Especially neighbors.

Ukriana and Kazakhstan have similar history. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the two states became independent. They began to influence international policy. Ukraine is increasingly becoming part of Europe and Kazakhstan is strategically and geographically Central Asia. Yet, the relation between these two states were very close … the history will suffice, now we will pass to the main subject. As events of Ukraine can affect Kazakhstan as a whole.

Economic relation

First, Ukraine is one important economic partners of Kazakhstan. According to recent data in 2012, trade relations between the countries improved and increased to 4.18 billion dollars. Ukraine and Kazakhstan cooperate on oil - the gas sphere. On April 2, 2013, at the XI meeting of the  commission in Kiev, the countries considered the contract "Road map-4" for 2013-2014. After "Maidan" this contract and remained incomplete.

Political relation

Secondly, political relation. Some years these two countries exchange students. Most often there is an exchange on spheres of political science and international the relations. In 2012, presidents of the countries agreed to started exchanges of undergraduates and doctoral candidates on the sphere of public administration between academies at presidents of both countries. In 2013, this contract was implemented, but not entirely.

Cultural heritage

Third, Ukraine and Kazakhstan generally connect historical data. The Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko who was expelled to Kazakhstan, after got to expedition on studying of the Aral Sea. The lost Kazakhstan soldiers during World War II in the Ukrainian earth. Therefore, every year, there are cultural days observed in both countries. And from 2007-2008, there were cultural years of both countries. This year, cultural days of Kazakhstan in Ukraine were cancelled.

Military-technological Relation

Fourthly, military and technical cooperation. In November 18, 2008, the military and technical contract about cooperation of this sphere was signed. That is modernizations and remontirovaniye of tanks, planes, radiolokatsiyennykh technician. The agreement signed in 2007, says that Kazakhstan and Ukraine are employees on the military sphere.

After Russia began the military action directed to Ukraine, all the Kazakhstan society fell unawares. The events in Ukraine could repeat and affect Kazakhstan. Though, people openly refuse to participate in Kazakhstan to get involved in wars. All society waits a final decision next week on a trip by the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Moscow.

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