Thursday, March 6, 2014

School Leaver's Choice in Kazakhstan

by: Ospanova Zhansaya

KazNU student in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In Republic of Kazakhstan, when pupils leave secondary schools, they have chance to win a higher education grant. They have to pass the test named UBT. When they get good results that earn them government grants, then thousands of students have opportunities to a great future.

When secondary school pupils leave schools and join college such as KazNU, they have to choose a profession. About 60% of the students aply to join higher education programs that specialize in economics and finance.

Problem with Career Choices
Every year, thousands of students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance with exelent marks. Many of the graduates are creative, smart and hard-working. They choose economics but then they remain unemployed in the profession. Then one wonders: «Why do they choose economics again and again?»

Choosing Economics
·         Students pursue an education in finance with an intention to get better job and live a good life. People don't foresee problems with finding jobs once they graduate.

·         Second cause of this problem, people have steoreotypes about getting into other professions such as factory worker. They do not want to work with heavy duty and physical assignments.

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