Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Public Debate Regarding Kazakhstan`s Identity

by:  Uedraogo Aminata
KazNU student, in Almaty Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, and it occupies the 9th place as the largest country in surface land with a population of 17 million people.

During post independence, Kazakhstan has achieved the status of a stable, dynamically developing country. Now among the important achievements of political stability, interethnic peace and harmony, is a rapidly growing economy, refusal from nuclear weapons.

Kazakhstan or Kazakh Eli?

Recently, the people of Kazakhstan have discussing and debated the proposals of the head of state about  renaming Kazakhstan to Kazakh Eli.
According to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the new name Kazakh Eli will be more attractive to foreigners studying the map of the region. "Perhaps we need to consider over time, the question of transition to the name of our country „Kazakh Eli“, but first be sure to discuss it with people" -said Nursultan Nazarbayev

Public Reaction

Kazakh`s public opinion was very mixed. The majority of people discussed and shared their opinion on social networks. Someone who supported the President's idea, said that the country requires change, and the new name will have a positive impact not only on image and reputation, but later on politics, the economy ... Some negatively respond to this idea, referring to the fact that the state had enough of other problems that should be solved. 

To say that I'm neutral , it would be wrong on my part. Since I am a citizen of this country who pays taxes, and any changes of the country should be of interest to me.

I most likely favour than against. Firstly, with the renaming of the country, Kazakhstan will begin to be know around  speak all over the world, and secondly as noted Nursultan Nazarbaev it will help us rid the end of "tan"that in the future, select the country from other States of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, etc.). Thirdly, I am confident that in the future the name of our country even harder to rally 130 nationalities living in the territory of Kazakhstan. Indeed, I prefer the change to Kazakh "Kazakh Eli" means "land of Kazakhs".

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