Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reading Culture is Declining among Youth?

By: Aqerke Nurbekova
KazNU student in Almaty, Kazakhstan

I am fascinated by books and the knowledge gained from reading good books. Not textbooks, but very real creative books. I realized that for me personally, books mean a lot .When I learned to read, I discovered this beautiful and perfect world of fiction. Every book has a meaning, its own style, and rightly so. Each book takes you into a special world of fantasy and adventure. After all, books unveil great stories, and help us build our own idea about something.

I am  disturbed by this question:
why are books no longer occupy the main place in our leisure time?

Of course, you can say that reading is now fashionable, and it became a kind of mainstream for many people in the past generations. I do not mean those authors that have now become interested in almost all things unbarred. I have no doubt that Murakami, Hemingway and Paulo Coelho charmed you with their creativity.

But there are many authors - famous and not so famous - who also deserve attention: Anthony Burgess, Margaret Mitchell, Charlotte Bronte , Jane Austen , Federico Moccia , F. Scott Fitzgerald , and others.

Why people now read less:

·        There are alternative leisure activities. I think people are put off with the advent of the first book in form of e-books, Kindle or the TV. How else to explain that we once again see an entertaining reality show, or communicate in " Facebook " rather than pick up a Dostoevsky novel? Just the more diverse range of interests, the less interest in reading .

·        We simply do not have time. Extra 2 hours for us - is a luxury. We are so loaded with things that short breaks just backfilled .Daily affairs consuming all our time and effort.

·        Books require specific knowledge and memories. If anyone reads the glossy magazine will not be difficult to read and understand, for example, Tolstoy, not everyone can. In general, it depends on each me of us.

Everyone makes time-management. Just need to understand that reading is one of the most accessible, inexpensive, and useful hobby.

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