Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sad? Don't Be!

by: Altynay Aitbayeva
KazNU Student, Almaty Kazakhstan

Every day we see a lot of people who are sad. Have you ever thought why that is so?
Photo by Altynay Aitbayeva
Of course, it is difficult to be optimistic and relate only positive way in daily routine.
When your mind finds that something is going wrong it sends you warning in the form of emotions so that you take actions, however, if you ignore your problem, the warning level will increase and the intensity of bad feelings will become higher.

The bad feelings we experience at any moment are the result of a combination of different emotions altogether. It’s the combination of different bad emotions that makes us feel horrible.

Let’s discuss this issue in a simple way. I suggest you:
·        Call your best friends, mother or father. Somebody who can understand the condition of your soul
·        Read books. It really helps to change your outlook
·        Listen to only festal music. Please, do not upset yourself with the saddest songs any time
·        Go for a walk, do anything that gets you up and sweating
·        Watch the favorite movies
·        Paint a picture. If you are not a good painter, do not worry: you paint for yourself. There is no need to show somebody your «masterpiece»;
·        Take a shower
·        Think about good things and memories
·        Write down on paper your feelings, then burn it
·        Cook the favorite meal and eat with pleasure

Do not worry and smile! Have a nice day:) 

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