Thursday, July 24, 2014

Treasures of Ohio University

By Zin Mar Kyaw, Myanmar (SUSI scholar 2014)

Our SUSI scholars 2014 went library tour to Alden Library in the Ohio campus. It locates beside the Scripps Hall of Edward Willis Scripps School of Journalism, which is the father land of SUSI group. Dr Jatin introduced our group with Reference Librarian Sherri Saines. She warmly welcomed to us and detailed explained about the Alden Library.
Alden Library

I have learned about  the history of Ohio University libraries. Ohio University was founded in 1804 and libraries were moved forwarded from throughout the years.    The evolution of Ohio University libraries firstly started from the Academy in 1808 and second step in the College Edifice in 1818 and third pillar as the Carnegie Library  in 1905 and fourth monument as Chubb library to today unique treasure as Alden library in 1969.  Ohio libraries proudly marched from index card system to network and digitalized system according to the passage of time. At present, Alden library gathered the print collections up to 3 million volumes. Alden library warmly welcomes all learning commoners to study, to research and to cooperate every day.
I outside Alden library
Children's section at the library

The learning commoners, students, faculties and community members can study the widest available of international collections, children collections, current periodicals, and government documents, special collections of manuscripts and rare books, and fine arts. Besides these qualitative contents, the Alden library fills his building with quantitative needs   of multi-media room, computer lab, teaching and learning center, media production, and student writing center and so on.  I suppose that the Ohio library is designated as the 64th largest library in North America because of these complement.

Being the University library, it emphasis on the children is proved that the section of children collection. I never seen there are children collection section in most of the libraries. There is   a saying word; “today youth would be become leader in future”. At the moment, I have seen practical activities of Ohio Library. I have seen many students’ studies in the library. All of the students do the emphasis on self-study as the faculties train the students to improve critical thinking skill.

Now, I have known the strength of U.S education system during my studying on Journalism and media in Ohio University. I decide that my knowledge to be share in my University and to beneficially apply in transforming my country’s education system’s weakness, and facing the challenges.

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