Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Universities of Zambia and Chile working together on Youth and Communication

It is my great pleasure to announce the incorporation of Professor Brendah Bukowa to the Network of Researchers on Youth and Communication (Rec-Juventud).

The goal of our network, is to generate an associative work of researchers from the University of Chile and other national and international research centers and institutions , in order to promote interdisciplinary collaborative work around the topics of Youth, Gender, Information Technologies and Communication. The creation of the network and its subsequent consolidation, is intended to build bridges of knowledge, allowing researchers to share, discuss and disseminate their work and advances in the field.
The participation of Professor Bukowa, will be of a great contribution and also will help to further internationalize and strengthen the network.

Thanks to the SUSI on Journalism and Media program from State Department of the United States, hosted by the University of Ohio at the Scripps School of Journalism, I could meet Brendah, know about her great work with children and have the chance to discuss ideas about potential collaborative work. Here we have the first result.

Welcome Professor Brendah Bukowa!

Lionel Brossi
Assistant Professor 
Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen
University of Chile
Twitter: Lio_Brossi

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