Friday, July 10, 2015

A Royalty Week


By Kenneth "Cutrite" Moeng

It must be a part of some modernization theory or the extent of a fairly structured participatory channel that gets a number of us in this years SUSI 2015 to meet and express our own media affinities on the backdrop of our own traditions.
Kenneth, George & Patricio
Whatever you perceive it to be, this has to be the greatest moment in all of our lives, having flown for hours and ultimately graciously received by Dr. Yusuf Kalyango Jr., Ph.D, who has made our own glee a pleasure to treasure.
Starting from Columbus to Ohio, though sometimes with bits of bumps here and there, the 1 and half hour journey was sweet along with fruity company and a delight of smiles from Program Assistants.What a reception indeed, not just of people, the long tree filled hills and greenness amidst the rainy clouds was just marvel, like an angelic movie.
Anna,Irfan & Huyen
The next 3 three days from arrival were filled with a bit of too much to eat and little to cope with time changes and sleep, but no one chose to oversleep. Sporadic visits with glimpse of favourite squirrels to the beauty of the University, we could not stop going either downtown to uptown, from class orientations, restaurants, selfies and ultimately closing it with excellent braai by Bob and Mary.

This couldn’t just end here as we experienced the most sort after fireworks at NelsonVille County ( Thunder in the Valley Fireworks). The Program Assistants spot-on with timely pickups and all, at the end e were now ready to start the hectic schedules.

Dinner for 2
 For a moment it seemed like a daze;..
Kenneth & Inna expression for pure flawlessness you might say
as the dinner with Professors, Deans, Doctors and Staff at Ohio University was in their element to officially welcome #SUSI2015
Every moment every discussion, meaningful as we get close to the meat of things, by meeting our research partners.
Speaking to Lorna J Edmonds, (Vice Provost of Global Afairs, Ohio University). I tell her how she almost reduced med to tears by expressing @djcutrite's poem and making an analogy for the speech, i came to know also that it took her to heart. The appealing thing about the dinner was in that the evening was about SUSI 2015 Scholars and nothing was left to impress upon.
From the poem titled " Sundry Minds" to the escort of the Prime Minister ( below) , the team was ready for the start of the week.
Patricio, Unnun & Kenneth
Too Much Love
There is just too much kindness at Ohio University. In my country we would call these guys and ladies rodents, but here they are a part of us. Relentlessly looking and judging the speed and the measure of the jump from a bin or into a tree is magic.
Ohio University comes in abundance on almost everything of substance and this takes us to Thursday evening where worded words and music was the in thing with Sara, Betty and Linyan fitting the place like paint on the wall.
A video for you to taste the pleasures of Thursday after a hectic class attendance on Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research and Curriculum Development.

How about that Poem at Donkeys 

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