Thursday, July 30, 2015


By Kenneth Moeng

Lorna Jean Edmond
Sundry Minds

Bloom so bright and kind in the morning like Athens

Through the day, silk into a colour of scent

Like rain from the milky sky upon these giggles

As sundry minds ponder the next drop.
Like rhymes romantically sort, #SUSI2015’s birth mark was made , in what you might call ‘The embodiment of mental prowess’. The words structured the short evening. These words were discovered by Lorna Jean Edmonds while browsing the University’s website in preparation of SUSI2015 welcome dinner.  She later asked me; “ Kenneth, I don’t know what you were thinking when you wrote these words, they do make you wanna shed a tear…”, Before I knew it Dr. Yusuf Kalyango had already asked me to make a closing remark for the evening. It's not always that I present to a hall full of professors and get asked to do a closing remark and perhaps another poem. Well, as the saying goes… “ Just Do It”, and I did it.

Huyen Nguyen
I did this poem the first day I got to Athens and Huyen Nguyen was the first to listen and record them as she interviewed us during the first video shoots.

Now, right at this dinner my #SUSI2015 journey could have ended and I would have gone home still a happy men. The welcome dinner ceremony at Nelson Hall was more than appealing, it was insightful. Maurice Natanson from the book ‘Phenomenology, Role, and Reason’ says “ The discovery of order is nothing less than the establishment of cultural word” (P.137). It couldn’t have been said any better. Words are in our design the replica of our DNA structure, whether soft or destructive.
Charles T. Brown and Charles Van Riper denotes from their book, ‘Speech and Man', that.. “Francois Villion, the thief-poet of France, cried out in metaphor, (500 years ago )… “Ou cont le beiges d’ansan?”(P.31), (where are the snows of yesteryear). It is in words like these that resemble storing of happiness for replay the next day. I still remember the mood at the hall, brittled a bit.
The dictates of reason on word subjectivity, fall far apart from good words uttered by man, though equally inherent on this man, these words are in themselves, infinite than the man who thinks of himself a giant and God, born insecure, but still acts himself a fool. 
Kenneth N Waltz shares this sentiment from the book ‘Man the State and War’, that we expect world peace to forever rest in pieces of thoughts in men called leaders, while the world is ruled by force by the same man knowing that the effect of MIGHT is WORD .  As we build and mend bridges where we go, we should be mindful of the WORD(s) we say. Let your word in site, fight the dark sights of man. Thats why I firmly believe that allegiance to common thinking is uncommon to unknown knowns by self, which do not add value to the one next to you. Our ability to teach see and concur the world, is in understanding the fragments of our untapped abilities to command, suggest, infer and subconsciously mould the world without knowing reason! The world we see is not build by wars or economies, its build by minds to WORDS, minds with matter that travel boundaries of unseen influence, and man assumes environmental behaviors by a stroke of a blink.
My Quote:
So this is Goodbye then, so long my friends so long, if you and I end up being swallowed by fear of our own countries, know that we would have allowed it and if my patriotism befits the taste of our fellow countrymen, know that the society has judged your gestures but cannot take away your efforts however invaluably perceived. Our collective efforts are the desires of the world and together we can make a difference.  


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