Sunday, July 26, 2015

Best of the both worlds....

Best of the both worlds

by Muhammad Irfan Aziz

I am from Pakistan and Pakistan is the country where more than 89 per cent people are below the age of 54. Believe it! It is dauntingly surprising or isn’t it.  According to some 54 is the start of the old age. It may be, but anything below 54 cannot be called old in any sense of the ages of men and women too.  Ask me the age structure, and I would happily tell you that 0-14 years are 33.3 per cent, 15-24 years are 21.5 per cent, and 25-54 years are 35.7 per cent of the entire population according to 2014 estimates by a credible international source. I am teaching at a government university for well over 10 years now, and I know that young (students or no students) are eager to change their lives like young in any other country of the world.

And for the education and its related needs of our 89 per cent of population we are spending 2.1 per cent of our GDP. Are you surprised! Don’t be for I am not going to finish here.
Really don’t understand this! It is like if I ask you what you would do if you had $ 10 billion to spend.

The US has the largest and the most technologically powerful economy in the world with per capita GDP of $52,800. Gross Domestic Product, known as the famous GDP is composed of agriculture 1.1 per cent, Industry 19.5% and Services 79.4 per cent of this mammoth economy. The country was spending 5.4 per cent of its GDP for the education and the economy has shown steady growth over the last decade or so. Despite of the challenged times of 2001 and 2009, the economy has shown positive steady increase.

Youth in Pakistan has shown great flexibility with the new technologies of all kinds. Medicine, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, motor vehicles, food processing, sports and consumer goods, media, trade and other industries have seen great technological acceptability in Pakistan. Exceptionally fast spread of internet, growing interest in literacy and education and over whelming trust in the effectiveness of modern technology create a vacuum of positive change that a country like the United States must necessarily fill in.

I am teaching in a university for last 10 years and lots and lots of students come to me for career counseling too. Almost all of these students try to have their training and education from a US university. They are ready to spend extra money even for an online course, certificate or degree from the United States. And in many cases fake universities also fleece them of their valuable time, money and trust in the US educational system. Those who are able to get some level of education from a better US organization not only perform better but also earn better salaries from their skills.

I see a great situation available among the entrepreneurs and the universities of the United States and youth in Pakistan.  The good thing about this situation is the US and Pakistani government seems to be aware of the situation and has taken many steps together to tape in best of the both worlds. I am a proud SUSI-2015 scholar, SUSI organizers have made is sure that me and other scholars from different countries get a (almost) complete picture of the US society as well as get practical help to improve our understanding of the media system and theory as practiced in the United States. They are also trying to make it sure that SUSI becomes a pivotal move in our research competence and its acknowledgement in the world.  
I have realized immediate need of an organization for the international students and researchers who want to study or do research in the United States. A registered association with US universities and institutions of higher education and students bodies its members, may serve such a role better. This body may support the internationalization of the new US universities, promote American culture and society and assist developing countries in establishing effective universities and advise decision makers on matters of culture, education and development policy. Exchange brings together best of the both worlds and change through exchange is a wonderful idea!

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Waqas Ali said...

Rightly said Mr Irfan Aziz, there has been huge space that need to be filled by introducing well-organized institutions backing full information for student and researchers for pursing their studies in USA.