Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MY BOOK ABSTRACT TITLED ( A masturbātus Nation,)

 By Kenneth Moeng


An instinct is an attribute of a true imagination that resembles itself as true though not qualified and unknowingly knowing itself to be true in a situation of instant thinking, which requires a decision without effect. In a sense, our actions and effects or characters we possess, are those that have been assembled from smaller parts of thoughts overtime emanating from idle thoughts, the thoughts of doing something and deciding to imagine something and doing it virtually to a degree of selflessness to satisfying oneself. So you don’t forget, this then means that instinct is the only spiritually fitting matter that we possess that access both the physical and the spirit and for this, we always in charge of our boredom and loneliness by speaking and discussing with our instinct like it’s our sub consciousness. It then comes to mind then that, the things we imagine controls and allows our physical to perform deeds beyond our conscience and imagination, hence a saying that those who bathe in the streets at the glare of the passerby’s has themselves thinking about this image. It is my esteemed believe that my nation is masturbating by imagination and deed every moment, with a queue from prophets and presidents.

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