Saturday, July 11, 2015

Contentment- City of Black Diamonds

By Kenneth "Cutrite" Moeng

John Winnenberg
Mary Rogus tells me, "Well you will definitely see folks doing a cookout (Braai) because it’s Saturday, sunny and no rain. This cause and effect did the trick for us as we headed north east along the contours of Wayne National Forest, passing The Plains with clouds sporadically cast over the sunny skies.
Where are we heading, we heading to study the history of The Cities of Black Diamonds in Nelsonville. This is no ordinary history with its cities lying swiftly together from Logan (Hocking County), Athens (Athens County) and New Lexington (Perry County). John Winnenberg (Member of School Board of Southern Local School District) was spot on when tour guiding us through the different cities of black diamond.
In what many today would consider differently, coal was named “Black Diamonds” in the 1900s, based on its value and employment creation. The miners had had enough trying to get rid of having to pay more for little, hence the formation of what is now known today as United Mine workers of America.Yes it started here at Ohio, Nelsonville, The Cities of Black Diamonds.
The mines brought about any sort of business from baber to rhapsody shops, music and more. John and his partners are working hard to preserve the little or what is left of the history of The Little Cities of Black Diamonds. Being asked about existence of associations compared to now, he says that from the 70s and 80s the associations became less and less, but the Union still exists.


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