Sunday, July 26, 2015

I’m just finding my own way

By Sara Namusoga

I wake up in the morning, here at River Park Apartments, and find the blinds in the sitting room area drawn back. I am not sure why. While on a trip outside Athens, I wake up to find the sun coming in through the slit in the curtain. I could not have slept with light coming in through the curtain, but I realise that I just woke up! I am not sure why.
Before coming to the United States of America, I secretly promised myself not to indulge in the junk food available at almost every point on the street. In fact, I could have easily promised to eat healthy and keep fit. But no! I have enjoyed eating the pizza, the burgers, the crisps from the vending machines and the chips (fries). I have enjoyed every drop of Pepsi that I have drunk. And I have not been to the gym once. I am not sure why.

One morning, some colleagues find me waiting for the van to Schoonover Centre. After saying good morning, they tell me that they will be walking to campus today. It is a hot summer’s day, one of the few we have witnessed since our arrival here in Athens, Ohio, and I wonder why they would choose to walk in the heat instead of take the van. They beckon me to join them. I think about it and say yes. And so the long walk to Schoonover starts, up the hill and in the sun. But I feel no strain from either the hill or the heat from the sun. I am not sure why.

Three weeks into SUSI 2015, I still find it weird to say “fries” instead of “chips”, “potato chips”, instead of “crisps”, “baffalo” instead of “buffalo”, “and elevator “instead of” lift”. I seem to have failed to get over the fact that Apple computers (both laptops and desktops) are commonplace here and not the PCs. But oh yeah- the penny, the dime and the cent, I gat those!

Slowly, I am beginning to find my way. Keeping time is not a problem. Speaking my mind is something I have had to learn to do. Asking questions and expecting answers has become easier for me. Even when I get no answer, I am happy I asked the question(s). I enjoy listening to all the accents and watching the gestures and expressions represented in this SUSI 2015 group, which is drawn from 16 countries and at least four continents. I am even confident enough to call some of my colleagues by their nicknames. Certain things do not matter anymore. Now I know why. 
I look around and all I see are colleagues who are slowly becoming friends. And then it hits me! Life is beautiful and "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure," said American publisher and author William Feather. Thus far, SUSI 2015 has been one beautiful adventure.

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