Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is America under seige by the Police

By Kenneth Moeng

SANDRA BLAND  sadly died in her cell from an alleged suicide, after encountering a gruesome detention for a traffic offense. 

 (Melissa Phillip / Associated Press)
Maybe this is a question we should ask the americans, “ Is America liberated from other nations and from itself?”. There is no cold war nor big war game to win, but it seems like there is a silent oppression amongst the minorities in the United States of America. This however is not purported by ordinary citizens, its clear the law abiding forces are the ones promoting this trend, with people being killed with hundreds of bullets, or being arrested and ultimately mysteriously dying in jail from what was a traffic offense. 
I have been here for about three weeks and information reaching me and those in the world and Americans does not prove otherwise. The liberation I speak of is not of any external means or from a repressive society outside the USA. Repression and or unjust deeds are taking place within the USA and it appears that the judiciary is able to maneuver around any issue to show cause for any wrong doing, while at the same time the Americans still look back at the judiciary for Godly help.
In the middle east and let alone in some African countries, if you steal, we might impose a sharia law on you after being proven guilty with a judicial due process trial system, where if you used your hands to steal, they cut off your limbs. 
A liberated America is here, a plural open society lives here, the America I know where people are God fearing happens, where rule of law is our police, where an open free market is existence, where people of different dialects and colors live together with their own differences.
How often does this happen and the driver ends up dying?

According to Aljazeera and many publications, they quoted Texas Senator who said that Sandra Bland did not deserve to be jailed. The daily mail carried the headline…. “ How did Sandra die in jail. Family and friends refuse to believe police story that Chicago civil rights activist killed herself after being arrested during traumatic traffic stop.” 
Let us ask the question again, is America under siege by the Police?
I love this quote:

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