Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ITS HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE ( I am an American Poem )

By kenneth Moeng 

Kenneth Cutrite Moeng
I came across this picture ( Credited here) to define this next poem to leave it with you and a list of music to enjoy: Thank you to everyone at Scrippsiij, our Athens journey is ending, so long.
I am an American…Poem

Tolerance – Dark Passion (Pt.1) V2

On this land, tears of joy incite fears of misery
Impeding ideals of eternal life for any wish
I have cried so long as I lost my voice along this way
As the voices so far away are a like a sacred birth of devotion in me
How come then that an affliction of my tongue befits the might of my voice and my savior’s rescue
Is it then that the inapt gift of my being is depriving my clammy mouth for I can only sway?

You ask what i see
I tell you amongst the rocks of my backyard’s paintings
I see a woman like my mother with you on her back
Walking an endless and tried road with zeal
We have traversed these long roads to the deep wells and without
But chose my blue skies away from the clouds without rain
In my America, terrors of mankind blossom in docile state of mind
In my America, my mind is the home of my material optimism
I am an American
We come Anxious and Blow air for vigor
This vigor, our grace
Shaking the mysteries and unfazed with sadness
Amidst us is glory and beneath us is an occasion
Could it, is it, but, maybe it is not what is not
A proud smiley happy people amidst opportunities
Then what is it not if it is not what it is, for what it is, is what is My America


List of Songs to Enjoy with Pleasure
John Legend My Selection

Maroon 5 USP Selection

MY Selection:If you are missing someone home

Ketty Perry- Firework

Bruce, Chi Trun,Jolly,Govinda,George,Kenneth,Uma Shankar,Patricio

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