Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Online Exclusive: Sara Namusoga and Betty Tsakarestou pick what they like and dislike about their media systems

By Huyen Nguyen

Both lectures from Sara Namusoga, Uganda, and Betty Tsakarestou, Greece for the International Mass Media class are loaded with facts and figures about their media systems. For this short entry, we ask them to provide us with one thing they like and one thing they dislike about the media at home.

According to Namusoga, a current PhD fellow and a former editor of the Ugandan Parliament and various online newspapers, the most interesting thing about Ugandan media is the creative public communication channels, such as the Minibuzz.

On the other hand, she dislikes the government's hiding information from the people. (Click to hear her voice)

Professor Tsakarestou, a senior lecturer at Panteion University, also said that she dislikes the practice of censorship, plus the irresponsibility of the media, plus the lack of local perspective.

However, she is very much interested in the op-ed articles and the use of social media as alternative channels. (Click to hear her voice)

Following are some great moments during the two scholars' presentations.

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