Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shwe Sin Khaing and Bruce Lui talk about their SUSI lectures

By Huyen Nguyen

Shwe Sin Khaing, from Myanmar, and Bruce Lui, from Hong Kong gave the very first SUSI lectures for the International Media Class on Tuesday afternoon, showing a lot of passions.
The audience, including SUSI fellows, were thrilled at their unfolding media situations in Myanmar (Burma) and Hong Kong, especially around censorship issues.
Khaing, who has been working in the field for 8 years, was worried but also excited about delivering the lecture for American students.
She was thankful for being encouraged to share the changes in her country's media system before and after the 2012 reform. (Click to hear her voice)

According to Khaing, the political culture in Myanmar has significantly changed after the reform, which steered the country towards a more democratic direction. As a consequence, the first real, independent journalism school was launched on May, 2014, called Myanmar Journalism Institute.
Bruce Lui transformed his academic lecture into a very thrilled speech about how Hong Kong journalists fought for the freedom of press. The experienced journalist unveiled many shocking, bloody events suppressed by the media due to direct commands from the authorities via media bosses.
Bruce said he believed journalists from different media systems can co-develop solutions for media issues which happened in each other's country. (Click to hear his voice)

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